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On My Honor Downloads Girl Scout Badge Activity Kits and Badge Workbooks

Take the Stress
Out of Being a Girl Scout Leader!

Every Girl Scout Leader's Dream

On My Honor provides complete badge and journey activities and workbooks for download. Each plan contains a Leader's Guide with easy to follow step-by-step activity instructions, discussion outlines and question prompts, a listing of materials needs, and badge requirements. The workbooks provide a printable resource that allows the girls to engage in the activities.

Understandable STEM Badge Activities

Designed by a scientist with years as a Girl Scout leader

No more figuring out coding, robotics, and engineering badges!  No more hiring outside help!  Our STEM badge activities are broken down into easy to understand language that anyone can understand with step-by-step instructions and corresponding talking points for each step.  Our workbooks are formatted to direct the girls' attention to the important points of each activity.

Workbook answers are provided in the Leader's Guide

Complete list of materials needed and instructions 

Discussion talking points that correspond to instruction steps

Workbook pages that capture the important points of each activity

Brownie Designing Robots Badge
Brownie Designing Robots Badge
Biomimicry Workbook
Bumblebee Inspired Robot Workbook

Journeys Revived &  Simplified

Eliminate the hard to understand and  follow journey books

Skip the boring, outdated stories and engage your Girl Scouts in fun journey activities!  Our journey instructions focus on the essence of each journey step requirement, without wasting time reading stories that don't capture the girls' attention.  Unlike the journey books, our activities provide clear instructions and objections for each step, allowing you to focus on the core goals of the journey.  Available as a complete journey or as individual steps.

workbook page
workbook page

Clear goals for each step of the journey

Tips for related badges that corelate to journey activities 

Modern and engaging stories (read online) used when needed with corresponding workbook pages that capture important points of the story

workbook page
workbook page
Combined Daisy & Brownie Outdoor Art Badge

Badge requirements for each level combined into understandable steps

Combined Daisy & Brownie Think Like a Programmer Journey

Single workbook for everyone to use

Combined Daisy & Brownie Think Like a Programmer Journey

Activities cover requirements of badges for both levels

Troop Plans

Keep your multi-level troop working together

Multi-level troop?  No problem!  No more preparing more than one plan for your troop meetings.  No more separating your troop to work on different badges and activities.  Build sisterhood and community by working together on a single activity plan.  Our multi-level activity bundles complete the badge requirements for both troop levels using combined activities, games, and discussions.

Fun &
Engaging Printables

Easy goal setting and learning

Create usable binders for each girl by combining our troop printables with the badge & journey workbooks.  Our printables are designed to enable the girls to take control and lead the troop.  They will set and track goals, learn and understand the Girl Scout Law, and track their progress as they advance through badges and journeys.  Our forms are created to engage and inform parents.   

Form Parent Handbook

Engage parents and families
with fillable forms and handbooks

workbook page
workbook page
workbook page
workbook page

Complete forms and printables for girl binders

workbook page


Take control of cookie season

Cookie season is one of the most stressful parts of being a Girl Scout leader.  Our games and printables provide an easy and engaging solution to teaching cookie facts.  Meanwhile, our printables provide cover all aspects of cookie sales - from signs to flyers to pricing cookie lanyards.  Complete cookie booth forms provide methods for easy identification of count discrepancies.


Easy-to-follow cookie booth forms

Cookie Flyer.png

Boost sales with flyers and high resolution cookie signs

Fun games and printables

GS Cookie Bingo.png

Each activity
kit comes individually packaged with complete 
activity materials

On My Honor Downloads Girl Scout Badge Activity Kits and Badge Workbooks

Includes printed
assembly instructions with easy-to-follow graphical representations

On My Honor Downloads Girl Scout Badge Activity Kits and Badge Workbooks
On My Honor Downloads Girl Scout Badge Activity Kits and Badge Workbooks

High Quality Activity Kits
& Memorable Gifts

Individual and Full Troop Activity Kits

Complete activity kits that correspond to many of our badge and journey activities. Our activity kits are designed to provide fun and troop or individual activities.  We use high quality materials that will provide memorable keepsakes.  Each kit contains easy-to-follow instructions and all necessary materials.  We offer quantity discounts and free shipping on orders over $35.   


The exact supplies we use in our badge plans

Links to the exact supplies used to create our badge plans!  No more searching for good quality supplies to complete an activity! 

First time camping or hiking?  No problem! We provide links to the exact supplies used and loved by our troops.

Planning a cookie booth?  We have you covered!  We provide links to the supplies in our cookie booth kits.

Links to purchase the exact book and supplies used in our badge plans

On My Honor Downloads Girl Scout Badge Activity Kits and Badge Workbooks
*Links to books read aloud are also provided in our badge plans
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Free sample download

Take the stress out of cookie season with our form informational flyer! Inform parents of key cookie season deadlines and set out clear procedures/expectations.

On My Honor Downloads Girl Scout Badge Activity Kits and Badge Workbooks
On My Honor Downloads Girl Scout Badge Activity Kits and Badge Workbooks

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On My Honor Downloads Girl Scout Badge Activity Kits and Badge Workbooks
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